Change takes place every second in humans and the universe.  Much change takes place
place automatically such as breathing and the autonomic system in the body.  Your cells
ingest nutrients and eliminate wastes without your awareness.

Other kinds of change requires your active consciousness and actions.  If you choose to
enhance your life and the planet rather than repeating your life's patterns habits, addictions,
thoughts and emotional reacions, then opening your mind is a necessary condition to create


If you are motivated, ready, willing and able to make the changes that you choose then
take a good look at yourself and start with self observation.  Then you have a picture of who
you are consciously.  However, that is only the start as there is much more to you than you are aware of. 

Your whole life history is in you whether you are aware of it or not.

Our purpose is a positive constructive one which is to guide you on how to make changes
and to help you eliminate personal roadblocks and defenses that are in your way.

When you choose to give yourself and us the opportunity to work together we are ready to
start.  You may either repeat your defensive survival lifestyle or choose not to repeat your past decisions and traumas and make the changes for a more fulfilling lifestyle.  You may realizeyour current lifestyle is only partially fulfilling when you take an honest look in the mirror. 

We encourage you to make the responsible choice.  Fulfill your growth!

I commit to knowing and expressing my true self, not to be defensive, to be honest, to acknowledge my feelings, to keep my agreements, to take responsibility for my thoughts, emotions and actions and to accept others as they are.
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