World Heart Revolution

The goal of the World Heart Revolution is initiate and raise the level of heart awareness in humanity with the purpose of developing more heart consciousness, heart cohesion and unity with each other and the planet.  For thousands of years control, power and money has attempted to and ruled humanity and the resources of the planet.  This self-destruction of humanity has caused great suffering, death and destruction to humanity and the planet.  Now is the time to stop this as it is accelerating at great speed all over the world.  Technology has been misused to destroy as in the case of weapons, robots, drones, etc.

Humanity cannot continue to survive if self-destructiveness is not stopped.  We must unite to stop this destructiveness by awakening our hearts.  We have to become aware of our heart's main purpose which is to love and have compassion rather than to think of it only as a mechanical biological pump.

     The brain alone has led us to be egocentric and controlled by our minds.  Those seeking universal control have learned mind control techniques which have been applied to humanity and so we have reached a point of loss of awareness of what has been done to us and behave as if we were robotic slaves without the capacity for critical thinking and self-determination.  Cooperation with each other and the planet has diminished over the years and the civilizations of indigenous people around the world have been mostly destroyed.

     We have become resigned to a hopeless and passive existence and this now needs to be changed by awakening our hearts.  The voice, feelings and messages of the heart need to be listened to for this is the essence of peace, balance and harmony within ourselves, each other and the planet.  This heart revolution will show us our connection to ourselves, each other and the planet.  We need to develop the proper relationship between the heart and the brain.  Each one of us must become a candle in our environment to help awaken it as soon as possible.  Ghandi did it for India and you can do it for yourself, family and community.

     Heart awareness means to start to feel your heart, to activate it and listen to it and then live with your loving compassionate heart.  We all have it within us to do so and this includes the world leaders in government, finances and business.  We are here together and are not separate from each other even though we have been divided in many ways, such as the rich and poor, black and white, the religions.

etc.  Unity through common denominator will bring peace, love and prosperity.  Let go of futility, weakness, hopelessness, avoidance, escapism, conflict and passivity.  Become critical thinkers and heart oriented.

Believe In yourself and the love in your heart.  Join the World Heart Revolution and help it grow.  When you let go of fear and insecurity and give you heart the attention it needs you will feel differently and regain your lost vitality and develop a passion for life.  I send my love to you all.


Heart Therapy


The purpose of Heart Therapy is to wake up your awareness and consciousness to you heart energy.

  Heart energy sustains your life and can bring love, joy, pleasure, good health and compassion.  It can also bring a unifying force among people and the planet.  The heart energy can create feelings of expansion, radiation and spiritual awareness and connection to what may be called eternity or the Great Way as explained in Taoism. 

Learning about you heart with Heart Therapy can enhance your life.
People seek happiness in their lives and those who do not have enough connection to their heart energy sometimes use substitutes to help themfind comfort. Some of these are  food, alcohol, money, sex, drugs, materialism, internet gurus, fame, etc.


People who feel emptiness try to escape in their own ways with different ideas, actions and illusions.
Many people function on "automatic" routines as they are slaves to the brain washed system.  Their minds may be closed and there is no room for the heart in their busy lives. These people do not feel free and tend to suffer. 
If you are a cynic you may say that the heart is also an illusion.  That is up to you.  For those who are open to the responsibility of learning, Heart Therapy will bring purpose, love and joy to your life. 

Wake up your heart.


Why The World Heart Revolution ?

     The path of the future is the heart, the spirit and power of the heart.  Corporations do not have a heart. Society needs to develop and focus on the collective heart to sustain itself and be productive to humanity and the earth.  When the heart rules there is no exploitation, no war.

The heart gives us life and is the source of human wealth and value.  The heart is the seat of love, so stay connected to your heart and the heart of others.  The heart is to serve us and we are to serve the heart.  A heart cannot kill.  Love is free!  We must transform from intense technology to the heart and be aware of the robots being built to do everything as well as the plans to replace the human mind with an electronic system with no feeling heart.  The heart does not seek control, power and money, it longs to commune with nature and other hearts.  The heart must stand up against the ego/mind and false values.  The isolated hearts must come together and revive themselves to become the peaceful, sweetheart full of energy and deep love in partnership with all other hearts and the earth.  Let your heart dream as you see into your heart, the path of the future.  Join the World Heart Revolution and become more aware and heart conscious.


Heart Blockages

There are many things that interfere or block increased contact with the heart. 

The list may be long for some people.  The following are some of the blocks: ideas, beliefs, emotions (especially negative ones), conflicts, issues, stress, fear, attitudes, extreme business, lack of resilience etc.. Each one of these can get in the way and a combination of them is quite common. 

Many people are unaware of specific beliefs they have because they have become part of the character or personality and have almost automatically interfered with heart consciousness.  One's belief system may go very deep and be very old in the person's history.

Ideas are different from beliefs and everyone has their own ideas of things in the world and in themselves. It is obvious that being angry, sad, depressed, shameful, frustrated, etc. may prevent someone from heart awareness.  So it goes for the other things mentioned above, they all interfere with heart functioning.

     With this in mind, it becomes clear that locating these blockages is very important.  Once located, they need to be fully understood and then worked upon to eliminate them.
This requires motivation, patience, openness, persistence and the capacity for self-analysis or working with an experienced professional.

If heart consciousness is to be achieved it is done with the help of this kind of educational experience. Then it may be more possible to feel the love, compassion and joy you deserve.


Heart Coherence

 The Institute of HeartMath talks about heart coherence which involves the mind, emotions and the heart. 

When these are all working together in a coherent energetic system people live a better and healthier life.
The institute founder Doc Childre says " ' Heart based living ' helps you learn to live in the now, bringing more of your real self into each moment.  Becoming more of who you really are releases inner security, allowing you to relate to life with increased hope and confidence, increased fulfillment ...."  Doc Childre is a pioneer in this field of special studies of the heart.

   Perhaps I am not totally informed about this concept of heart coherence; however, I would like to add a spiritual component to this concept.  There are many concepts and definitions of spirituality, however, most would agree that spirituality is non-material and is a form of energy that exists in all of us whether or not we are conscious of it.  So for me, I prefer to include spirituality in heart coherence.
     Understanding the importance of coherence may help you live a more satisfying life.  When your thoughts, emotions, behavior, actions and heart are all on the same page you may become more peaceful.  If you make decisions coming from the mind only, you may neglect the importance of your heart and things may not feel right.  Experiment with yourself the next time you are ready to do something from your mind and check your heart.


Heart Everyday

Mother's day, father's, Easter, memorial, Christmas, Saint Patrick’s, independence, may, earth, etc. day. So when is heart's day?

Heart's day is every day or could and should be every day.  I am not talking about the heart as a biological pump.  I am talking about the  feelings of the heart whether they be love or sadness.  Do you give time to your heart every day?  Are you too busy with your brain running the show?

When you decide to take time out every day to listen to your heart every day you become a more feeling person, especially when you tune into the loving feelings for yourself and others.  When you learn to do this your world can change.  You can become the candle that lights up your immediate environment.  It may be just like a smile that brings another smile.  Focusing on your heart's energy will benefit your health, so make the decision to do so.  Make heart's day everyday starting today.


Heart Sunshine

Your heart is the life giving organ of your body. It sends its energy throughout your body.

Its energy may send messages to all the body organs and systems so that they can do their jobs. From the heart life "radiates."  It is like the "sun" of your body.  Why don’t pay more
attention to it since it is the center of life?  How often do you think of your heart?  Perhaps you
think of it when you feel love or when it hurts.  Maybe it’s a bit like when you think of the sun.
You may say something like it's a nice sunny day or the sun is not out.  Then you may tend to
forget about the sun unless you go to the beach. 

     Without the sun we would die.  Without the heart we would die.  Would you be willing to pay
more attention to both and learn how to connect them or perhaps be aware of how they are
connected?  We can live for sometime when the sun is not visible because so far it has always
been there.  We cannot live without the heart.  Paying more attention to your heart and heart
felt feelings may be beneficial to your good health.  Can you give your brain five minutes rest
a day and give that time to your heart?  Just put your hands over your heart for five minutes and
be quiet is a simple way to start.  Think of your heart as radiating "heartshine" when you do this.
Remember to treat yourself to HEART SUNSHINE everyday, don't wait for the wakeup call.  Have
a heart for yourself.


Heart VS. Heartless    

Having a good heart filled with love compassion and joy is so beautiful. 

Two main ideas or actions that interfere with this good heart are greed and control.  Greed has been mentioned in many writings in the past.  It is quite well known so there is no need to explain what greed is.  Control has become more prominent in current times. 

However it surely existed in the past going back to the beginning of history.  Control now has taken on some new forms as well as continuing to use past forms such as war.

Our purpose here is to be aware of how control may prevent experiencing the joys of the heart.  When there is conflict it is hard for the heart to feel.  When the conflict is dropped the heart has an opportunity to be experienced.  When control becomes an issue it is hard or impossible to have peace with oneself and the world.  When you accept your heart and want your heart to be an important part of your life, you will have room to listen to your heart.  If you resist your heart you may miss your life's purpose and the joys of the heart.

     Today the world is not focused on the heart.  It is focused on many extremes of the ego such as competition.  An example of this extreme is a hotel in Dubai.  The royal suite has an incredible price of $ 11,000 for a night.  Much of the labor force that went into building this hotel was paid under $ 1.00 an hour to desperate workers.  Here we can see a strong control factor operating.  Remember to be conscious of your heart so you can listen to it.  Do you think the owners were heartless or did they have a heart?


Heart First


     Live with your heart first and then add your brain into the situation. 

A heart brain combination can help you live a balanced life.  Ask yourself what your heart is saying in your daily life situations.  You surely know what your brain ego is saying: Your brain ego has probably dominating you for most of your life so it becomes an automatic decision and reaction.  It may be a decision for your basic survival which is quite natural.  However many of us have the necessaries for survival and we go on to want more.

More is also natural and ok for many of us.  However some of us never stop on the more and more mentality and May get caught up in a never ending desire for the latest, best, biggest, fastest everything.

When this happens you may tend to forget those around you and those in the world.  Being separate may dominate being together.  Your world view may then begin to lack heart.  The emerging concept that we are all one may introduce the need to see how important the heart is.

     If you find it difficult to get in touch with your heart or if you don't quite understand this you may want to learn how t do it.  Stop and relax a few minutes and put your hand on your heart and think of a time in your life of a smiling loving face that was in your life and let yourself get connected to that energy of the heart.  Put the heart first for a few minutes today.


The Free Heart     

When your heart is free, you are free. To have a free heart you need to be aware of your heart. Many of us have a lost heart.

We forget about our heart due to the business of our lives.  We are constantly going from place to place, from idea to idea, from emotion to emotion, from action to reaction, from meditation to meditation and even from guru to guru. The poor heart becomes forgotten as it pumps away and keeps us alive.

Can you think of the heart as a living entity which is more than a mechanical pump? Imagine the heart as a microcosm of yourself, as a total organism. All the heart cells have their job to do. We have learned that cells store information and contain "cellular memories." Can cells have feelings? Why do we say we have a broken heart, a cold heart, a warm heart, a loving heart, a brave heart, a frozen heart, etc..  Are we talking about feelings that the heart can experience? If the heart can "feel" then it can also be a free heart, if it is not blocked. 

We often protect our hearts from pain or the fear of pain.  Life experiences can cause pain in our hearts. We learn from these experiences and close our hearts and the heart is no longer free. When the pain stores in the heart, it can remain there for many years.  However, the pain can be removed with "heart therapy." 


Flexible Heart


   A cold heart, a warm heart, a heart full of tears, a heart full of love, a broken heart, a heartless heart, sick at heart are just some of the ways the heart has been referred to. 

The heart needs to be flexible because it may experience all of the above.  These different heart experiences are usually part of one’s life.  Since the heart may have it's own reactions regardless of what your brain thinks, perhaps the heart has its own "mind."  Its own way of being.  The energy of the heart has been studied quite intensively by the Institute of Heartmath.  The Institute also talks about heart intelligence.

    So what does all this mean to you?  Perhaps learning to live with and accept the messages of your heart can enhance your life.  This means taking time to listen to your heart.  Developing resiliency is important for your heart and you because your heart may go through many changes.
So be aware, accept your heart wherever it leads you or whatever it experiences with an attitude of inner peacefulness.  If you don't learn how to do this you may hurt you heart.


Compassionate Heart


The compassionate heart shares its heart.  

     The love that it feels can be given to others when we learn to understand them by living in their shoes.  Even if it is just for a few minutes.  The things they say and do may be the best they can do at the moment.  We normally judge them quickly and then react with our usually responses.  When we learn to look at ourselves quickly and closely when we react, we can learn a great deal.  We grow in self-observation and can be giving and compassionate thus there is a double benefit.

      Self-observation may be in part a prerequisite for compassion.  Some of us are capable to be compassionate because of who we already are.  Learning our limits is also important when being compassionate.  We who share our hearts must evaluate the total situation from our hearts and mind.

The proper balance is always necessary for your compassionate heart.


Hearts and Wars       


Can a loving heart make wars? Love or murder! Can a loving heart watch a child die of malnutrition? Is money more important than human life? Why has the human mind evolved to this point? We must ask this question to understand the solution.   

 Where, when and how did it start? Who was involved?  The story of Able and Cain goes back a long time.  The medicine men and priests had powers over the people.  What was it about the people that allowed power over one another to grow throughout the centuries?  Why do people continue to follow the messages handed down to them by their forefathers?  Not all the people do, however, the majority does allow the current situation of humanity that we live in to happen. Are you one of that majority?

Where is your heart?  What is it saying to you now? Are you willing to wake it up and listen?  Listen not only for your personal reasons of love and satisfaction for yourself.

Perhaps for the compassion your heart has for humanity and the planet.  Today is the day to take five minutes for the voice of your heart. Give you heart a chance to find a place in your life!


Listen To Your Heart   


When we wake up in the morning we start our routine for the day.  Each of us has our own special way of starting the day.  Mine starts with an exercise I do in the bed to slowly wake up my body. 

 Part of the exercise focuses on my heart as I repeat the words heart, love and compassion.  This brings my awareness to my heart.
As the day progresses we get busy with our program of things to do.  Little attention is paid to our heart as it does its job automatically. Take a minute and listen to your heart.  Is it saying anything?  Is there a message for you?  Are you on automatic or can you stop and listen to your heart?

How would you actions and thoughts change if you could hear your heart?  If you make time for your heart's message your day may become more fulfilling. Where is the love, the loved ones, who are they?  Where is the compassion, do you have any? What does your heart say each day?  Listen to your heart.


Stop Look Listen to Your Heart

     Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross sing this beautiful song.  What a great message.  The first word is stop.

If you don't stop and take the time you may go through your life so fast that you have no time to pay attention to your heart.  Control your ego long enough to stop. 

The next word is look.  Look can have several meanings such as look at yourself from the outside, from inside of yourself, look at the material world around you, look at nature and look at the spiritual world combined with quantum physics, photons and light energy.  You can also look closely at your mate and how you interact with your mate.  Then take a good look at your heart and listen.  A real good look if you so desire and are able to.  Now listen to everything and especially what your heart is saying.  Do you take time to listen to your heart?

Surely I have complicated this simple message of the song.

However you can listen to this song here or on the internet and regain the simplicity of the song and the beautiful voices of two world famous artists.  Listen to them and not me and let the emotions of your heart rise up with love and life from this
1974 recording.


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"In his new book Do You Have the Courage to Change?, Dr Walter J Urban examines how ingrained habits and unthinking adherance to daily rituals prevent people from taking responsibility for the way they live. This deceptively simple book offers straightforward advice and practical exercises that can help each of us break down the barriers to change and lead a more healthy, self-aware and fulfilling life."
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Heart and Technology      

The heart is the seat of feelings.  Is technology dominating your heart?  Soon technology will have simulated feelings.  You will become so inundated by technology that your feeling heart will take a back seat, further back than it is now.  The marketing of technology may make you so dependent on it that you have very little time for your heart.  It will keep going as a biological pump, however, as a feeling heart, it may slowly disappear.  Imagine life without love and simulated feelings.  How many hours a day are occupied by technology in your current life.  Look back 10 years ago, then five years ago and see where you are headed.  The more time you spend pursuing your goals, which is money for many people, the more you may be using technology.

If this applies to you, stop and take a good look.  Where do you stand in the heart/love and technology equation?  Is technology taking more control over your life?

     Is it time to pay more attention to your heart?  What gives you a real joyful happy feeling?  Is it getting more or do you need more as a substitute for what you really need and want.

 Are you out of balance?  Are you in harmony with your inner and outer world?  Are you unable to face these questions?  Even if you don't ask yourself these questions, they may have a way of coming up and confronting you.

You may not be able to escape yourself no matter how much technology is put in front of you.

Thoroughly evaluate the motives of technology to fully understand what is going on in the world and where it is going.  Looks like further away from the feeling heart.









Connection between the Heart – Oneness and the Tao

    The purpose of the World Heart Revolution is to bring more awareness and consciousness to the heart. 

The idea of hearts joining other hearts all over the world is to bring humanity together from a heartfelt place of love and compassion.  The world and planet needs this now so we can leave the chaos, wars and self-destruction.  There is no time to waste getting this world movement moving forward as fast as possible.  Be the candle that lights you friends, family, neighborhood and country.  Let's all hope we can heal the hearts of all political and financial figures and even the heartless corporations.  The corporations really need heart.  They are made up of human shareholders who need to be motivated to see the relationship between money/ego, greed and heart.

The Oneness concept that is now being put in the spotlight says that we all are one.  We are one with each other and the planet.  No separations.  So as we are one with everything, then certainly our hearts are all together in heart unity or heart connection or coherence.  Quantum physics talks about light photons, energy vibrations and all is made of basic energy units that are all the same when you boil it all down.

With this in mind we are basically all the same in terms of composition.

With this in mind as an hypothesis to help connect our minds and hearts, the World Heart Revolution moves forward with your help, love, compassion, and blessings.












Loving Heart, Fearful Brain

     Survival is basic and the brain looks for ways to survive.  Fear of not surviving creates activity in the brain.  A major cause of fear is the thought of being powerless which may be accompanied by sensations or "feeling" of weakness.  Viewing the current global situation and especially the state of affairs in the USA, many people have developed varying degrees of concern and fears.

Since 911 many events including the bailouts, the wars, the unemployment, etc. have created fears.
Each person perceives and reacts differently to the same stimulus.

Many people have been living
in fear and some called "preppers" are preparing themselves for their understanding of what the future may be.  Others evaluate the current reality day to day and then react to it.

Perhaps many of these people lose some awareness of the heart and the feeling of love because they become preoccupied with fear.  The heart brain balance becomes disturbed due to the fear.

It is very important to stay with reality and at the same time give adequate attention to the heart. Don't let fear overtake the heart. Learn to focus on the love in your heart and feel the "heartfelt"energy that your heart supplies to you every minute.  When you keep the balance your fear will be checked.  Perhaps then your brain can become more logical in evaluating everything.  Never forget the "sun" in your life which is your heart.













Wake Up Your Heart

     Is your heart sleeping?  Most people have a sleeping heart because they forget about giving it attention.  Their busy lives keep them running so fast and technology moves them even faster.
I have seen five year old children so busy on their ipods and computers that they would not pay attention when their parents talked to them.  The brain keeps working faster and faster as it is caught up not only in basic survival and getting more, but also caught up in greed in some people.

Take a look at the major corporations and decide what their primary goals are.  Would you say they focus on money or on helping humanity?  Technology benefits humanity in many ways while it destroys in other ways.  Corporations are not people so they can be heartless.



     If you find yourself caught up in what you have been trained to think, feel and do, perhaps it is time to think about your heart.  Your heart has been "dumbed down" and may have fallen asleep.

Give it a wakeup call and not with a heart attack due to stress or poor diet.  Your heart is capable of love, it is the seat of love, it is the heart of the matter for your well-being.  Pay more attention to your heart and what it is telling you by becoming more aware of it.

Stop and listen to your hearts voice and turn your brain off for a while so you can listen.  When you do this you may be surprised at what you find.  It's time to wake up your heart.











Heart Love

     We all need to love and be loved.  Love gives us the desire to live and accept life.  Without love we feel something is missing and search for it.  Both men and women search for love and very often have an illusion about love and seek substitutes for love in various forms such as sex, money, drugs, fame, etc.  Love goes beyond infatuation, it is something that stays and can grow with time.  Love is centered in our center, the "sun" of our body, the heart.  Some people "fear" love because of past experiences in which they have felt hurt. 

They may have closed their heart and are unable to open it again.  This protective mechanism can be removed.  I worked with a woman many years ago at the raw spirit festival in front of forty people. She had a pain in her chest and heart for over 25 years and found no medical solution.  After about 20 minutes of working together she started crying and crying.


When she stopped she said the pain was gone.  The next day when I saw her she said the pain never came back.  It can be as simple as that sometimes.  We all need to love and be loved. No substitutes please!












Stay In Your Heart

     Stay in your heart and never leave.  Never let your brain take over completely.  If you forget about love you are missing out.  Losing the moment, losing the day.

Do what you have to do with the never ending heart/love consciousness.  Put your mind to learning how to do this.  Yes the world is run on money and you can't forget it.  Don't let that take you out of your heart.  Money gives you the things you need and don't need.  It never gives you the essence of your life which is the feeling of love.



     To our dear world leaders who have hearts, we send you our love.
 Sometimes people forget about their loving hearts.  Sometimes people slip out of their hearts because they never got enough love as a child.  Some people never got love as a baby or child, instead they got things.  Things are not love.  Hearts lacking love can be helped for the heart knows about love.  So wherever you are in terms of love it can improve.  Your need to be willing to communicate with it, "work" with it.  It's really not work. Its allowing it to become more alive and feel more through silence and peacefulness.

   Let your thoughts about love turn into feelings of love.  Accept where you are with love and know that your heart knows how to feel love.  Give it the space and room in your busy life.  Go back to your heart and STAY IN YOUR HEART.




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