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Dr. Walter J. Urban is a Research Psychoanalyst, Medical Board of California, Registration No.7. Private practice, author of Do You Have the Courage to Change and Integrative Therapy: Foundation For Holistic and Self Healing. Formerly on the Board of Directors of four professional organizations. Dr. Urban has been a Business Consultant for over 35 years.

He combines his psychological knowledge with business and investing experience and offers a unique approach to achieving personal growth and financial success.

" Get your mind out of automatic and listen to the voice and feelings of the heart."  - Dr. Walter J Urban



The World Heart Revolution's goal is to develop Collective Heart Consciousness to serve humanity and the planet.
Join us  to achieve a higher spiritual purpose and a more fulfilling life.



Heart Therapy  

The purpose of Heart Therapy is to wake up your awareness and consciousness to you heart energy.  Heart energy sustains your life and can bring love, joy, pleasure, good health and compassion.  It can also bring a unifying force among people and the planet.  The heart energy can create feelings of expansion, radiation and spiritual awareness and connection to what may be called eternity or the Great Way as explained in Taoism. 

Learning about you heart with Heart Therapy can enhance your life.
People seek happiness in their lives and those who do not have enough connection to their heart energy sometimes use substitutes to help them
find comfort.  Some of these are  food, alcohol, money, sex, drugs, materialism, internet gurus, fame, etc.  People who feel emptiness try to escape in their own ways with different ideas, actions and illusions.
Many people function on "automatic" routines as they are slaves to the brain washed system.  Their minds may be closed and there is no room for the heart in their busy lives. These people do not feel free and tend to suffer. 

If you are a cynic you may say that the heart is also an illusion.  That is up to you.  For those who are open to the responsibility of learning, Heart Therapy will bring purpose, love and joy to your life.  Wake up your heart. 


World Heart Revolution


You have no choice
You have no voice
Your mind controlled
Their plan unfold

Your heart destroyed
Your love made void
Unless you rise
And become wise

Now you must start
To trust your heart
Renew you life
End the world's strife
Heart Revolution
Our Evolution



"Do You Have The Courage To Change? exposes the roots of our dangerous habits—and gives invaluable advice on how to break them. It is an easy-to-read guide that will empower and inspire you to improve your lives and the lives of those you love."
Neal D. Bernard, MD
President, Physicians Committee
For Responsible Medicine




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